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How to Install cPGuard

Please use the following instruction to install cPGuard on your server.

If you are going to install cPGuard in OpenVZ/Virtuozzo, please refer this DOC before proceeding with the installation.

Installation on cPanel Server and DirectAdmin Server

1. Run the following command from SSH as root user [ make sure to run whole command each time you install cPGuard as we may make updates to installer based on release updates ]

cd /usr/local/src && rm -f && curl -o -L && bash install

2. Monitor the installer log appearing on the screen and once you see SUCCESS message, you are good to go! In case you encounter any issues during installation, please feel free to contact us and we will assist you to complete the installation without any additional charges

3. Once the software is installed successfully on your server, login to WHM or DirectAdmin >> Plugins >> cPGuard >> apply license and complete initial settings. Please refer this DOC to complete your initial setup of the software.

 In case you need assistance to install/setup the software, please don't hesitate to contact us

Thanks again for purchasing cPGuard! 

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