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How to restore a quarantined file

If you choose the option to quarantine files detected by cPGuard, files will be moved to the quarantine directory. Even though it is easy to track the quarantined file [ we use a special naming convention for easy identification ], you cannot really copy the file from quarantined location to actual file location. Rather you can choose either of the following options

1. Option 1

Go to WHM >> Plugins >> cPGuard >> Scanner >> Scanner Logs >> Locate you file which you need to restore and click on it. It will pop-up  a new window showing all details about that detection and you will have an option to restore the file in the new window. 

Restore File


2. Option 2

Go to WHM >> Plugins >> cPGuard >> Look into the Dashboard and click on "Files in Quarantine" box. That will list the files which are quarantined already and the actual path. Click on the restore button corresponding to the file you wish to restore.




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