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How to Turn On / Off WAF Rules

It is recommended to disable other ModSec rulesets [ like OWSAP, Comodo,Atomic rules etc ] before enabling cPGuard WAF to avoid any possible rule conflict.

Web Application Firewall rules that are integrated with cPGuard is a powerful feature to fight against the web attacks. The rules are carefully crafted and updated frequently to ensure that the new types attack can be prevented before it is reaching your websites. Also the rules are carefully tested against Apache, LiteSpeed and Nginx web servers and fully compatible with all of them.

Since nowadays many people use WAF rules from various servers and configure their servers accordingly, we turn off WAF by default during installing which the user can turn ON any time. This is just to ensure that there will not be any conflict with the existing rule sets.

You can control WAF rules loading from your UI.

To Turn ON the WAF rules, go to cPGuard >> Settings >> WAF >> Then Turn ON "WAF Integration". To Turn OFF WAF rules, toggle the switch [ please note enabling/disabling WAF  will restart your Web Server ].

cPGuard WAF

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