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How can I BlackList / WhiteList a File

File BlackList

You have 2 options to BlackList  a file, which are  by using file name and adding it to the virus database [ using MD5 checksum ]. Please note that file name based BackLists will quarantine your files once detected, where CheckSum based BlackList will follow your preference set for "Action for virus files". 

To Balcklist  a File using name

  Go to cPguard >> Settings >> Scanner :- Into the "Blacklisted Files", add your File Name [ you should add a file name not the complete path ]. This will be active instantly

To Balcklist  a File using CheckSum

Go to cPguard >> Settings >> Scanner :- Into "Additional entry to Virus database", specify the path of your file on server and click on Add. This is not instant and need  a service restart to fetch the changes.

File WhiteList

To whitelist a file

 Go to cPGuard >> Settings >> Scanner :- Into the "Whitelisted Files", add your File Name. This will be active instantly. You can add either file name [ it will be applicable for all files with same name ] or complete file path [ specific file ] 


File Blacklist and Whitelist

cPGuard also supports directory whitelist...please find the details here 

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