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How Auto-Clean Works?

cPGuard provides an exciting option to clean the file injections automatically and to restore the original file removing injection. Advantages of the particular option are

  • Prevent abusing the exploit further
  • Prevent website down due to the injected code
  • Reduce admin efforts to restore website removing injections
  • Prevent website from blacklisting 
  • etc

About auto-clean option in cPGuard :- The current version of cPGuard comes with an option to control this feature using a switch under General Settings. We recommend you to enable this to enjoy the related features. Right now the option is running in Beta, during which period we will collect data and populate clean-up database and logic.

How does clean-up works? :- The clean-up engine is hosted in Cloud. So whenever cPGuard detects a bad file, it will send the file to our Cloud Engine for further analysis. That engine will analyze the file further and mark it as bad or not; it will also return a clean file if the engine can come-up with a clean fil.

Is there any performance overhead?  :-  Nothing; the new system is completely populated in our Cloud using which the whole processing will happen. So your system works without any needing of additional processing power.

NB : Auto-cleaning does not work if you set the scanner action to "Email Only"

I need more information about this :- Sure, we are happy to discuss it with you. Please contact sales[at] and we can discuss this further.

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