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How to brand cPGuard cPanel Interface

cPGuard provides an option to brand the cPGuard cPanel interface name, icon in cPanel, the logo in the page and the page header and title. So  you can present it to your clients as a custom scanner. To re-brand the option, you can use the following steps. 

To customiz the cPanel feature name and icon

1. Login to your server.

2. Run the following command 

/etc/cpguard/scripts/cpgbin branding

3. It will ask for additional information like the preferred Plugin Name and the Logo path. Please make sure to have the logo file is the preferred size only…otherwise you will have trouble seeing the plugin in the cPanel.


icon file pathFull Path to the icon file. Icons must be 48x48 pixels.
nameThe name of the item, as it will display in the cPanel interface


Once the above action is successfully completed, you can see a new branded cPGuard icon in the cPanel interface.

cPanel Brand1

To customize the logo and the page

1. Login to your server and go to the directory path /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/paper_lantern/cpguard/branding

2. Create  a file named "header.html"  with the content similar to following


    document.appName = 'cPGuard';
    document.appTitle = 'cPanel - Custom Title';
<img alt="cPGuard" src="assets/img/logo_color.png"  />


3. make sure to change the appName, appTitle, and the image URL to your custom values.


Please contact our support if you need any assistance in branding the cPGuard cPanel icon. 

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