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How cPGuard sRBL Works with Exim

cPGuard provides an option to integrate additional RBLs into Exim configuration, which can help to reduce incoming spam emails. This RBLs include Abuseat, Barracuda, SpamEatMonkey and cPGuard sRBL. Among which cPGuard sRBL is a very useful integration which is developed in-house and can eliminate 60-70% of incoming spam emails. The particular RBL check the sender IP address against the various list and return the status based on various logic. The diagram given below explains its working.

cPGuard SRBL

How to Enable/Disable cPGuard sRBL?

You can enable/disable this option from the plugin user interface. Go to WHM >> Plugins >> cPGuard >> Settings >> Exim RBL& IP Reputation>> Under "Exim RBLs" you can enable/disable each.

Control SRBL

PS :- You cannot enable other RBLs along with sRBL as it will result in duplicate checking.


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