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Q: Why cPGuard is very cheap? Does that mean whether the software is not that efficient? 
Ans: is the time for you to redefine the word "cheap".  We love to call it a cost effective solution!

Q:  cPGuard conflicts with any of the current software/firewall installed? 
Ans: No, cPGuard does not conflict with anything else 

Q: What will happen to cPGuard after expiring the license? 
Ans: After expiring the license, the software will stop working and you should renew the service to resume the services 

Q: What Payment methods you accept? 
Ans: Right now we only accept PayPal payments 

Q: Do you offer a money back guarantee? 
Ans: No, but you can enjoy cPGuard for free during the TRIAL period, without any limit in the software. You can order free trial from our client area.

Q: Why do you prefer CSF integration for system firewall than developing your own?

Ans: CSF is a well-established tool that people have been using on servers. It is loaded with a bunch of features to improve security. So we decided to write wrappers for CSF to work with, rather than building one from scratch! 

Q: Does cPGuard helps to reduce damage due to bots/brute-force attacks?

Ans: Yes, cPGuard not only just helps to mitigate brute-force attacks, but also helps to rate-limit bot attacks against Wordpress and Joomla

Q: Do you collect some sort of data from servers

Ans: Yes we do. We collect the virus files reported by the scanner and the web attacks reported for further analysis using our cloud. This is to help our R&D to improve scanner/clean-up logic.

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