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How to fix ClamAV errors in cPGuard

What is ClamAV? :- Clam AntiVirus (ClamAV) is a free software, cross-platform and open-source antivirus software toolkit able to detect many types of malicious software, including viruses.

How do we use ClamAV in cPGuard :- We use ClamAV through their LibClamAV library integration. We use their functions carefully to cause very light CPU usage and load only necessary functions.

How do we install ClamAV :- We install ClamAV from our own packages into a custom path. You can use  the following instructions to manually install cPGuard ClamAV on your servers.

RHEL/CentOS/CloudLinux, etc :- wget && rpm -Uvh cpg-clamav-libs_1.0_x86_64.rpm --force

Debian/Ubuntu :-  wget && dpkg --force-all -i cpg-clamav-libs_1.0_x86_64.deb

Still having issues? :- If you still face issues running cPGuard, please contact our support team and we will help you to fix it  for you. 

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