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How to install ClamAV on cPanel servers?

cPanel has introduced many changes in their packages in recent releases, especially in v88 . One of the important changes is for ClamAV packages, which conflicts their own packages with the system packages. So it will not be possible to maintain a separate ClamAV package in certain cases and it is better if you use the ClamAV package provided by cPanel.

The following steps will help you to install ClamAV on your cPanel server and start using it.

1. Login to your WHM as root user and then go to Home »cPanel »Manage Plugins

2. Find the option "Install ClamAV for cPanel" from the page and clock on it. Wait for the installation to finish 

ClamAV Install

 Once the installation is finished successfully, we recommend you to disable the Clamd daemon and default checks unless you need it specifically. It is  a real resource hogger, especially for small servers. To disable it 

1. Go to Home »Plugins » ClamAV Scanner Configuration » Disable all enabled checks

Disable Scanning

2. Go to Home »Service Configuration »Service Manager » Disable ClamAV Daemon and disable its monitoring » Save the Configuration 

Disable Service


If you have difficulty in running cPGuard service/scanner due to ClamAV , please run following command finally and that will solve the issue.

/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/php /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/cgi/cpguard/crons/cpguard_health.php


If you need any further assistance clarification, please feel free to contact our support team 



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