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How to whitelist a directory from files scanning?

In cPGuard, there are multiple options to whitelist certain entities from the scanner reports, and one of which is the directory whitelist. So using the directory whitelist option, you can whitelist a directory of  a path (complete path of the partial path ) easily.

To whitelist a directory you need to go to cPGuard >> Settings >> Scanner >> Whitelist Files and specify the directory path.


For example: to whitelist  a directory like "/home/user1/public_html/dir/exclude" - you can whitelist either of the following entries

1. Full path like "/home/user1/public_html/dir/exclude/"


2. Partial path like "user1/public_html/dir/exclude/"

NOTE :- If you add "/home/user1/public_html/dir/exclude" that will also whitelist "/home/user1/public_html/dir/exclude1" as well. So make sure to add exact string like "/home/user1/public_html/dir/exclude/"


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