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User notification for outdated CMS versions

cPGuard provides an option to send email notifications to the end users about outdated CMS installations under their account. You can enable or disable this feature from cPGuard >> Settings >> Notifications >> Notify outdated versions of CMS under User Notifications. You have 3 options 

  • Never:-completely disable the notification
  • Daily:- This will send daily alerts to the users after fetching version info from installed CMS
  • Weekly:- This will send weekly (Monday) alerts to the users after fetching version info from installed CMS


Branding/Customising email templates

Administrators can customise/brand the emails that an end-user will receive to match their brand by editing the template file 


You may modify/replace the template as you wish leaving the placeholders/variables like {{{PRIMARY_DOMAIN}}} in the places where content is to be substituted by our script


Available placeholders

{{{PRIMARY_DOMAIN}}}Replaced by the primary domain of the account 
{{{APP_URL}}}URL to cPGuard UI in end-user panel
{{{CMSVERSIONROWS}}}Table rows containing details of (html)
{{{CHECK_TIME}}}Date and time when version info was last fetched 
{{{YEAR}}}Current year

Additionally, you may modify the subject line and from address of the email by adding the following HTML comment section to the top of the template file

subject = Vulnerable CMS versions on your hosting account
from_address =

Note: specifying an improper from_address may cause mail to be sent to spam on the receiver email program


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